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About Mira

In a country like the kingdome of saudi arabia where the growth rate is at its highest international levels, hospitality and accommodation sector has an increasing importance especially since the tourism sector is in a steady growth year after year.  According to the general authority for tourism and antiquities, the announced volume of investments in the hospitality sector over the next five years will be approximately $ 144 billion, an issue that indicates an increased need of the saudi society for hotels in general. This increased need for hotels goes up to its highest level in the capital city (riyadh) as it is the largest city not only in the kingdom of saudi arabia, but also in the entire region. As a consequence of that and within this competitive environment in hospitality industry and its services, we have established the foundations for mira hotels company to be a milestone in this industry and to offer its clients new levels of hotel services.

‪Our Vision Leads Our Work‬

‪Mira Hotels have a clear vision to serve you.
Aiming to be one of the largest companies operating in hotel sector,relying on its high hotel experience,
accurate future studies and attracting most important administrative and executive cadres.‬

Mira Spa embraces the most effective vital principles to ensure the beauty of balance and well-being. Spa special trip will begin as soon as you start walking through the leading walkway which is l


Mira hotel offers you endless opportunities to relaxation. All you have to do is to postpone everything for an hour and to use this time to renew your activity in our calm resort. Weary travelers can
Whether you are planning to refitting or complete relaxation, Mira hotel - Riyadh offers you a variety of sporting activities at its sports club which is fully equipped with the latest special losing


Swimming Pool

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Mira hotel also provides several types of massages needed by the guests and businessmen to relax and relieve the tension and compression of work A team of specialists work at Mira hotel; they are exp

Meeting Rooms

The business center was founded for business men, it includes all accessories, a computer, fax machine and copier. It includes also a wide range of audio and video equipment, including a projector, in
Be inspirational and fanciful in your occasions, our creativity and sophistication commensurate with your requirements of special evenings, large banquets, important meetings, and advertising or produ

Various Massages

Business center

Kitchenation Restaurant

Mira hotels present the famous turkish restaurant “kitchenation” to its customers, where they can enjoy the tastiest and the most delicious kinds of turkish cuisine, carefully selected to